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Samsung NC20 Shipping with Positive Reviews

Well it’s been a long time coming – the Samsung NC20 has been shipping in the states for a good couple of weeks now & is getting some very positive reviews from US buyers…

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Samsung NC20 now available in the USA

So it seems that finally American fans of the Samsung NC20 can order as retailers are starting to make available their stock.   First out the gate is newegg who have the black model for $549 and an additional $20 dollers for shipping.

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New Samsung NC20 ‘Neon’ Range

Hot off the press news direct from Samsung, is a brand new colour range for the Samsung Nc20.


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Update on US release

So it was supposed to be released this week, but where was it?  What’s the hold up?
Well previous news suggested a particular US retailer had an exclusive sales deal with Samsung to sell the first round of U.S NC20’s, however there has been no news from the retailer or Samsung.

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USA magazine reviews Samsung NC20

Thanks to our readers who sent us this link to USA laptopmag website review of the Samsung NC20.

Whilst the review is for the Korean version, the article does have a few interesting points in there:

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Samsung NC 20 : UK Suppliers update

Just to give you an update on U.K supplier information and pricing. It seems the Samsung NC 20 has seen a slight change in prices at some stores. Amazon has raised the price of their machine from £390 to £419 (inc VAT). There is some good news; Dabs and BT Shop are selling the machine for £379 (inc VAT).

As always we’ll keep updating our suppliers page as soon as we hear of any more changes.

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Samsung NC U.S release date.

Samsung NC20 USA releaseFinally the news our american readers have been waiting for.  The USA release date!  According to reliable  sources on the web the release date is set at 16th March 2009.  Initial sales will be limited to the online retailer newegg.com with more stores expected to have stock later in the march.

A quick search returns no information about the NC20, as ever we’ll be keeping our eye on the site to see if the rumours are true.

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Buy the Samsung NC20 in the USA

Well not quite, we’re still waiting to hear from official suppliers and Samsung about a release date for the US.

In the meantime there is a solution.  eBay!  A few NC20’s have been put up on sale on the auction website eBay.  With some sellers offering to ship to the USA, like this one for example, however this is only for those those who cannot wait and have money to burn, as the cost to get that one delivered is roughly $740.

We’ll keep updating our suppliers page as soon as we have news on the the release of the Samsung NC 20 in the USA and other regions.

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More UK stores rolling out their Samsung NC20 stock.

Just noticed that Play UK have put the NC20 on their website and they are offering the white and black version.  They have the machine on sale at £419.99.

£419.99!!! We’ve had a few typos lately, but i’m afraid that isn’t one of them.  Play must have not seen the competition selling this machine much cheaper!  If you’re a U.K shopper after the Samsung Nc20, go to Amazon instead, as they are selling the machine £40 quid cheaper !

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10 Reasons To Buy The Samsung NC20

If you’re trying to convince yourself the Samsung NC20’s the right laptop, here’s a decent start! 10 reasons we think the NC20 is a great buy.


1. The Bigger Screen

The NC20 packs in a lovely glossy 12.1″ display, with a relatively big 1280 x 800 resolution. Samsung lead the world with the quality of their screens and, in this case, they have made no exception. This is a slick LED panel with vibrant colours.

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